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Six things to consider before planning your proposal

So you want to propose. It’s a once in a lifetime memory you’re about to create, well we sure hope it’s only once! Once. In. A. Lifetime. Whoa, are you feeling the pressure already? Urm.. from interacting with so many people who’re about to pop the question, the one...

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Why Goa is the Best Place for a Wedding Proposal

There are certain moments in our lives when we want everything to be just perfect. One such moment is when making a marriage proposal. From the dressing style, serene environment, romantic mood to moving words every aspect counts. Before you even gather the courage to...

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Propose in Goa because, why not?

It takes one hopeless romantic to get the other. Entrust in us your story, vision and hopes and take it easy as we breathe life into your dreams. Driven by our love for planning, we at Table Number 7 are enthusiastic about creating those special moments for you and...

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