There are certain moments in our lives when we want everything to be just perfect. One such moment is when making a marriage proposal. From the dressing style, serene environment, romantic mood to moving words every aspect counts.

Before you even gather the courage to pop out that question, do you know your location by then matters? It may influence your potential better half to say no, yes or wait. So you see you shouldn’t take a chance; choose your location carefully.

Finding a potential marriage partner isn’t easy. Getting the setting right for making a wedding proposal is no exception too. Now that you have found a partner, let me provide you with a romantic location for the big day; Goa

Here is why:

Enjoy white sand beach strolls

Very many people love sandy beaches. For example picture, the two of taking an evening stroll along the sandy shore with vast blue calm water spread out before you. Another option could be chasing one another laughing and giggling.

You can even build sandy castles or play with water; just to set the mood right before you finally ask for her hand. Doesn’t it look exciting? The Goa beaches provide you with just that setting; it isn’t an illusion. All you have to do is get your timing right on a less famous location and have some cash in your pocket. How about a visit to the Palolem beach? Or just go furthest of the north like Vagator beach.

Picture Credit: Atlantis Water Sports

Enjoy a Luxurious yacht

Do you want to do it away from the crowd? Are you looking for an almost lonely environment? Well, we understand the influence of passersby. They can ogle and thwart every ounce of courage you had. For such a couple, Goa still takes care of your interests.

How about hiring a luxurious yacht and drifting offshore at sunset? That way you lockout unwanted crowd. Furthermore, you can play her favorite song in the background.  With additional cool drinks and nice roasts, you can’t go wrong with your proposal. Try out the Panjim coastline; it is one such beautiful proposal environment.

Picture Credit: Wandertrails

Aboard Midair sunset balloon

Ever thought of getting the aerial view of the world? Better still with the love of your life in your arms? Very few people ever live to realize such dreams.  So if you are thinking of mesmerizing your loved one you can propose while aboard hot air balloon. After all, it’s only a moment of a lifetime. Furthermore to add the icing to the fun, get your timing perfect. Do you have a partner who has an attachment to Mother Nature?  Great, time your trip to coincide with either sunset or sunrise especially during festive seasons. Make your proposal as the sunrises to bring a smile on your face, or let the setting sun banish the memories of loneliness out of your mind.

Chance to recreate beautiful movie scenes

Goa beautiful sceneries are undeniable. No wonder several Bollywood hit movies have their settings in Goa. For example, do you remember films like Dil Chahta Hai, Singham or Go Goa Gone? If your sweetheart has a soft spot in her heart for such movies then you can make a memorable proposal out of it.

You have many options to choose from. For instance, you can re-create a scene shot in Chapora fort. As the lead actors in Dil Chahta Hai, take a trip to Goa. Amidst your journey, identify your spot, pause for a photo and blend it with your wedding proposal time. With a professional cameraman on the standby, kneel on one knee, ring ready and make your proposal.

Encounter with Green canopy forests

When you go deep into the eastern part of Goa, you get the chance to have a splendid view of natural forests.  If you are hunting for a surreal proposal then this is the way to go.

Imagine sited down under the green canopy of the trees with contrasting attire to the vegetation. No distractions; only birds and wild animals as witnesses.  However, you can also hire a cameraman for long-lasting memories.

This can be ideal if your proposal timing can avoid the rainy season. Otherwise, it will be muddy everywhere.

Unforgettable beach party proposal

We are all used to the city weekend parties. If you are brave enough and want to show it to your girlfriend or boyfriend, organize a party on one of the beaches to the far south of Goa. One such beach to think of is Baga.

You can either make it on the open-air or book one of the luxurious beach hotels for a special nightlife treat. Hire a local band to play live music. Pack up the party with her favorite drinks. Then at the height of excitement with all your friends as witnesses make your proposal. Be that daring boyfriend in her life.


Make your proposal count. Make it memorable and exciting. When you plan it and map it in the perfect setting like Goa, believe me, she will fall for it. After all, the environment has all that you can think of; the nightlife, cruise rides, hot air balloon fun, historic movie scenes and much more. A proposal in the Goa environment is so hard to turn down; the setting is just conducive.

So where do you plan to go through with the Goa wedding proposal? Make up your mind now and make a reservation in time.