So you want to propose. It’s a once in a lifetime memory you’re about to create, well we sure hope it’s only once! Once. In. A. Lifetime. Whoa, are you feeling the pressure already? Urm.. from interacting with so many people who’re about to pop the question, the one thing that I always hear in their voices, is the stress. Here are a few things you should consider checking before popping the question.


Location This is a huge one! The location is one of the most important things you have to decide on for your proposal. This location has to be dreamy yet accessible enough for the couple as well as your planners. We can’t stress enough on the importance of having a stunning location, the vibe that a spectacular location adds to your proposal cannot be replaced with the best of decor. Sometimes a simple proposal on the beach or a mountain top is enough to seal the deal 🙂

Permission to access these places is one important factor in all of this. Yes, you can simply go and pop the question in any location you have in mind, but any decor arrangements will require you to take certain permissions from various authorities. 

Weather – Especially for proposals outdoors you must check the weather conditions. Is there a possibility of rain or snow wherever you’re planning to have this done? Even wind sometimes if too strong can hinder the whole process and the setup. So make sure you’ve checked the forecast, or better yet check with the planner/hotel at the location itself. 

Timings – Depending on whether you want it to do it in the day or night, the setups will differ. Of course, there won’t be any heavy lighting involved during the day because of the sunlight so look at decor involving flowers and other props that stand out during the day. And if you’re planning to propose during sunset that you’ve got to have a mix of the two. 

Photographer: You definitely want a skilled hand to capture your proposal in all its essence, raw & natural. Of course, you can have the poses with the set up later. But the entire proposal will hardly last a couple of minutes, so you want everything from her expression to the hugs and kisses post the proposal captured very well. 


The surprise element:  From our experience, it is pretty hard to keep the whole plan a secret since there is a ton of coordination involved. So it’s best to start the whole planning process well in advance so you can take care of every single element. Once you have a headstart on the whole thing you will also have the bandwidth to deal with any surprises that come your way. Every single detail, whether you will be arriving together or your partner needs to be escorted to the place, needs to be planned to the T for an effortless outcome. 


Planning to propose in Goa? Call us up and we’ll take care of everything. 


All the best!